« Triade »

The Prix Ronald-Duhamel - Ronald Duhamel Award is represented by the Triade sculpture. The sculpture is lent to the recipient(s) until the next award ceremony. Each recipient also receives a Triade print, to be kept as a lasting souvenir.

A triadic structure representing the union of the three original partners (federal government, provincial government and community), the Award evokes the harmony of a perfect chord. The structure is made up of individuals, people who are actively seeking their rights, committed and well rooted in the Francophone reality. They show exceptional and essential vitality in the pursuit of the truth as they have chosen to live it within their setting. They invite into their circle those who wish to join them or to learn to understand that reality. This is thus a grouping of three elements in a state of positive interaction.

"Triade", created by Franco-Manitoban artist Mr. Gary Tessier

The piece is made up of three shapes (pillars), mixing the abstract and the figurative, placed in a circle, persons whose arms are thrust upward and intermingled, reflecting the cooperation between the two levels of government and the community. The shapes, in not touching, suggest autonomy. But they are partners. Their feet are firmly planted in the soil, as the French language is well rooted in the greatest depth of our being. The upward stretched arms are signs of celebration.

The piece is 45 cm tall and 19.5 cm in diameter. It has elements of bronze and granite.