Recipient - 2021

Mr. Michel Loiselle, Senior Business Officer, Western Economic Diversification Canada

Awards Ceremony - March 8, 2021

The Prix Ronald-Duhamel - Ronald Duhamel Award was presented today to Michel Loiselle for his work in finding ways to reconcile local priorities with various available funding sources which have greatly contributed to increase both urban and regional economic development within the Francophone community.

Over the last 18 months, Michel Loiselle has led an extensive public engagement initiative with the Francophone community that has resulted in a better understanding of its needs and interests in the realm of economic development. Mr. Loiselle's efforts have culminated in a variety of different projects responding to the needs of the specific communities ranging from programs and supports for businesses and employability, youth entrepreneurship, and the promotion and inclusion of Francophone artistes within Manitoba's cultural industries. These significant contributions to the economic development of our province's Francophonie lend evidence to Michel Loiselle's role as a promoter and defender of Manitoba's Francophone community.

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