Officially launched in March 2005, the Prix Ronald-Duhamel – Ronald Duhamel Award was created to recognize an employee or a group of employees of a governmental or quasi-governmental body at the federal, provincial or municipal level for distinguished service to Manitoba’s Francophone community. This biennial Award is a joint initiative of the Société de la francophonie manitobaine, the Federal Government, the Manitoba Francophone Affairs Secretariat, and the Manitoba Association of Bilingual Municipalities (AMBM).

The award has been named in honour of Ronald Duhamel and his significant contributions, first as a senior public servant in the Government of Manitoba and then as a federal MP, minister and senator. During his career, Mr. Duhamel did much to promote the cultural, educational, economic and political development of the Franco-Manitoban community. He also supported a number of minority Francophone community initiatives at the national level. Furthermore, Mr. Ronald Duhamel played a leading role in representing Francophone minority community interests to his colleagues, for the purpose of raising their awareness and ensuring that the necessary influence was exerted to bring about significant change and normalize the communities’ relationship with the various levels of government.

Award Criteria
The individuals or teams nominated must, in the context of their work, have demonstrated excellence and innovation in

  • planning and providing French-language services tailored to fit the needs of the Francophone community of Manitoba;
  • supporting the development of the Francophone community of Manitoba;
  • creating conditions conducive to greater use of French in the workplace.

Who may be nominated?
Any individual or team of individuals that works or has worked in Manitoba for a governmental or quasi-govermental body which is subject to Canada’s Official Languages Act or the Government of Manitoba’s French-Language Services Policy or forms part of a member municipality of the AMBM. A group of individuals need not work or have worked for the same body in order to be nominated as a team.

Recently-retired employees are eligible to be nominated for accomplishments dating back no more than two years from the nomination deadline.

Who may submit a nomination?
Any member of Manitoba’s Francophone community or any individual eligible to be nominated under the criteria set out above.

Selection Committee
The selection committee will be anonymous and comprise four members each representing one of the following entities: the federal government, the provincial government, the Manitoba Association of Bilingual Municipalities (AMBM) and the Société de la francophonie manitobaine.